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Noho Ora

Noho ora is the health education arm of Māori Education Consultancy

Keeping it Savvy with Kathie

At Noho Ora, te taha tinana and te taha wairua (physical and spiritual health) are crucial to good overall wellbeing.  Rongoa is one of those areas that I am passionate about.  Keeping healthy without using synthetic or chemical drugs and skin care is one way we can maintain hauora (well-being).  As a representative of the New Zealand owned and operated company 'Savvy Touch', I am pleased to be able to offer these amazing 100% natural, and naturally based products, at competitive rates.  Check out the full range below.

Rocket Fuel

100% natural sinus and respiratory support. Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel is a 100% natural formulation that supports clear airways in the head and chest. It can also be used to support the respiratory system during exercise. This product is amazing for naturally managing good respiratory health and providing effective sinus relief. Fantastic for athletes. Also available in 100mls (with dropper) and 250mls for refilling. "3 drops, 3 seconds, breathe".

Rocket Fuel (50mls)

Mango Butter Sun Shade

A Naturally based SPF 30 Sunshade, in a base of Mango Butter with Calendula & Active Manuka Honey to aid in hydrating & natural healing of the skin while it protects.

A Zinc Oxide a broad-spectrum block is used to protect from the harsh Southern hemisphere sun.

Stripped of all nasty chemicals. An emulsifier is used, so the Zinc is absorbed into the skin clear. No white mess! It is Ideal to protect the whole family.

Ladies you can wear it under your makeup with no shine.

Kids especially love it as it doesn't smell or feel like a "sunblock".

Is it a moisturiser with a sunscreen or a sunscreen with a moisturiser?

Also available in a handy 120ml bottle to throw in your purse or bag, and in a 500ml family sized bottle.

Mango Butter Sun Shade (250mls)

Hand & Heel Balm

A 100% natural balm for dry or cracked hands and heels. Savvy Touch Hand and Heel Balm aids in the natural healing and prevention of cracked dry hands and heels. It's a must-have for sufferers of dry flaky skin. Also great for avoiding and healing cracked or dry lips. Loved by mums, nurses, butchers, hospitality workers, fencers, pool maintenance workers, farmers - anyone whose hands and heels need "protection" from the environment. Sanitising and washing hands are all vital to hygiene but incredibly drying and in some cases damaging. Hand & Heel in beeswax base offers both protection as a barrier & aids in natural healing of dry cracked damaged skin. Awesome around the cuticles, with added Biotin to aid in nail growth & strength. For those "smashing" there heels in boots through to "barefoot warriors", Hand & Heel will aid in natural healing of dryness & cracks.

Hand & Heel Balm (100g)

Skin Smoothie

An incredible product for natural healing & hydrating of the skin.

Includes Almond oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil & Glycerine (plant based) to make the "best product even better".

Added benefits may include more hydration, more protection against UV radiation damage, added natural healing. More antioxidant protection.

For "normal" skin the moisturising effect adds extra fullness to the skin, working on the appearance of fine lines. Excellent healing effects for "dry" skin.

Skin Smoothie, your skin will "drink it up”.

Also available in a handy 120ml bottle.

Skin Smoothie (250mls)

Bugs R Off

Bugs R Off is a “bug” spray made by bug haters for bug haters!

This unique product not only repels fly’s, insects and even those nasty little midges, it also contains healing & cooling essential oils to aid in natural healing if already bitten

Also available in a handy 120ml travel bottle.

Bugs R Off (250mls)

Cooling Gel

Soothing Cooling Gel is a naturally based formula combining the best ingredients from New Zealand & around the world all designed to work in synergy.

This awesome product may aid in cooling & soothing stiff muscles, joints & tendons under stress

3 layers of anti inflammatory properties.

Fast, deep & long acting. Including Kawakawa, the incredible New Zealand native herb.

Now with added Magnesium to work on tired muscles

Amazing relief in cooling sunburn, bites & stings.

It is T.L.C. in a bottle.  

Also available in a handy 120ml travel bottle.

Cooling Gel (250mls)

Glide+ Balm

This 100% natural balm is a "must have" for all sports people and especially runners (chafe areas, blisters, shin splints), cyclists - the best chamois balm, tri-athletes love it one - balm for all disciplines. (100% wetsuit safe will not damage clothing).

Massage therapists, "scrapers", Physiotherapists absolutely love the Glide+ to "work" with. Like all savvy Touch products it is super concentrated. A little goes a long way. You are not constantly having to re-apply product it is just keeps Gliding Over the skin.

Mums, baby adores the smell & feel of Glide+ as a barrier balm. Super light on the skin Ideal for “dribble rash” also.

As a “barrier” balm it protects and aids in natural healing of the skin. Babies adore the super soft feel of the product & the smell of the Aniseed oil.

It is completely safe for ALL even the MOST sensitive areas.

A must have if you suffer from chafing.

Therapists, it will become your favourite balm.

Also available in a 200g pottle.

Glide+ (100g)

3n1 Hair and Body Wash

NO Soap, NO Parabens & NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate -

Means this stunning product is Ideal for everyone, especially for those with sensitive or damaged skin. Kids & babies love it…No More Tears!

3N1 is a gentle cleansing shampoo, conditioner & body wash all in one.

It's a naturally based formula that is packed with essential oils designed to cleanse & condition the skin & hair in one product.

In a base of Aloe Vera, that cools the skin with Sage, Burdock, Lemongrass & Lime oils that have very high anti viral anti bacterial properties but are super gentle and designed to cleanse the skin.

Marine collagen, Vitamin E & Apricot Kernel extract, 3 conditioners to nourish & repair the hair & skin.

Use it, love it.....wash in the "smell of summer"

Also available in a 120ml travel bottle.

3in1 (500mls)