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Noho Ora

Noho Ora is the health education arm of Māori Education Consultancy

Noho Ora is all about 'staying well', and at Noho Ora we understand the concept of Te Whare Tapa Wha, a Māori Health Model that promotes all aspects of good balanced health and wellbeing - hauora.  Being physically active, maintaining positive mental health and good spiritual health, and developing good social skills are all crucial to having a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Taha Tinana

Physical Wellbeing

Whether you are needing to improve your physical health through getting active (korikori tinana), managing your respiratory care, improving the health of your skin, or learning how to relax, we can help to guide you on your journey.

We offer T'ai Chi, walking groups, and mirimiri.

See the beautiful 'Savvy Touch' product range available for respiratory health and skin care by clicking on Keeping it Savvy with Kathie.

Taha Hin​engaro

Mental Wellbeing

Enjoying balanced and healthy mental well-being is central to overall good health/hauora.

If you are needing assistance with developing good work-life balance, needing direction for where to go for professional help, establishing good time management skills, or just needing help to improve your self-esteem and feel more empowered, then we can assist you on this journey.

Noho Ora can also guide you in your education and career paths and help you to strengthen your cultural identity.

Taha Wairua

Spiritual Wellbeing

From an Indigenous and a tikanga Māori perspective, all things are spiritual first and foremost, that includes the whenua (land), awa and moana (rivers and oceans), even rocks, plants, and all things on the earth and in the heavens.  As human beings we are no exception, so it is important to nurture our spiritual wellbeing as much as our physical and emotional wellbeing.

At Noho Ora we want to help nurture and nourish your spiritual well-being through your connections to whakapaha, whenua, awa, moana, and all things that sustain life.  If you need assistance in developing any areas of your spiritual wellbeing, then please enquire as to how we can support you.

Taha Whānau

Social/Family Wellbeing

At Noho Ora we understand the importance of building healthy relationships, and maintaining and sustaining positive networks and connections despite the challenging environments we are currently experiencing, and the curve balls life continues to throw at us.

Noho Ora can provide mediation, resolution consultation, and personal empowerment training to help you in maintaining healthy relationships and networks.